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Recent Site Changes

09 JUN 2015 Corrected grammar. Ronsardian Ode
07 FEB 2008 Added new section, sort of Balance
14 SEP 2007 Added new notes to page Home Page
18 AUG 2007 Added new entries to section Letters to a Young Writer
15 AUG 2007 Added new entries to sections Letters to a Young Writer and Book Reviews
08 JUL 2007 Added Blog/Notes section Notes and Letters
21 MAY 2007 Added four new discourses The Gnostic Poet’s Discourses
29 APR 2007 Creating new site. Index


Having been quite busy with other matters (i.e. making a living), I had not reviewed the viewing statistics on this site until last night (13 SEP 2007). I was quite surprised by what I found. For instance, there have been several visits from academic institutions, including: University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Duke University, the University of St. Thomas, and University of Illinois at Chicago. Also included were visits from literally dozens of countries: United Arab Emirates, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, Italy, Greece, India, Mexico, Philippines, Ukraine, Argentina, France, Russia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, New Zealand, Pakistan, Belgium, Colombia, Egypt, Guatemala, Croatia, Iceland, Nicaragua, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Taiwan, and South Africa. While some of these visits can be attributed directly or indirectly to my friends whom I have invited to the site, I must think that most of the visits are coming through less personal agencies, such as Web search engines. I am truly humbled by the statistics and scope of geography I saw, and as such, am recommitting myself to giving you more and more frequent new material and site improvements.

Building a Better Site

I am aware of many things that I need to update on this site. For instance, much of the content was brought over from a previous site, and some of the links are broken. Many of the entries in the Tips and Forms areas are unfinished. I'd like to build some roadmaps through the site for beginning poets, maybe even based on some sort of assessment of skills. So, I do already have many plans for the site, but I am very open to new information and suggestions for new sections, other data elements for the entries, other types of content, and so forth. Please feel free to contact me if you have ideas or thoughts on how to improve the site.

Green vs. Gray

If you see some green on the pages you are viewing, it is because most of our content used to be on another site that had a green/ecru color scheme. We will be revising the entire site, adding content, and graying out the green over the next few months.

Thank you for stopping by and having patience with us as we get up and running.

 The Gnostic Poet

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