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The Gnostic Poet will occasionally offer a review of a book, CD, or other cultural item related to poetry. The cultural object may be a collection of poetry or songs, a book or discourse on writing poetry or songs, an object that references or is related to poetry (such as a novel or movie that uses poetry as a transitional or other device), or a biography of some famous poet.

Should you wish to suggest a book of poetry or about poetry for review, or another sort of poetry-related cultural object, you may e-mail the Gnostic Poet. However, it is solely his choice whether he wishes to review the book, and he does not guarantee a favorable review.

Book Title and Author Date or Status
The Poetry Home Repair Manual by Ted Kooser 20 SEP 2005
To Measure a Dream with a Ruler: Collected Sonnets by Michael Hough 23 SEP 2005
The Two-Space War by Dave Grossman and Leo Frankowski 05 AUG 2007

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